Pay Back Student Loan Without Leaving the Country

Troy Sharpe with Oak Harvest Financial Group speaks about ‘student loan escapees.’ “They don’t escape the debt --- it’s still there! Future Social Security payments will be garnished in their future”

Sharpe says running from the debt isn’t all that necessary. “Student loans are guaranteed by the Federal Government, who is willing to work with them. There are many flexible ways to repay your student loan according to your income without leaving the country.”

He also comments that many students and their parents don't plan before they apply for a loan. “And that’s how they get into trouble.It’s bad economics to borrow a lot of money without looking at the back end and the probability of making money in the field they want to enter. If that field isn’t a good money maker – they shouldn’t look to a loan and look instead for part time jobs. ”

Click here for a list of payment programs available. You can hear Troy Sharpe every Saturday on KTRH.

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