Correa Discusses Injury on Video

Injured Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa takes to You Tube to explain his recent rib injury. He will miss four to six weeks after he says he cracked a rib during an in-home massage last week:

"I was getting a massage on this area of the ribs. And I heard a crack when my masseuse pressed on this area over here on my ribs... Immediately after, my side started hurting; I was breathing and I was walking, and at that point I figured, something's not right. So I obviously called the Astros and let them know."

The video is posted on the page of his fiancee, Daniella Rodriguez. She went on to address a more serious rumor circulating in social media:

"Some people have taken the opportunity to blame me for the situation that occurred; and some people have gone to the extent of saying it was domestic violence. We're just here to let you guys know that that is not a joke. Domestic violence is not something to joke around about."

Both Correa and Rodiriguez went on to thank all his supportive fans who wished him well.

CLICK HERE to see the entire video.

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