I'm In Love with My Robot

Sure, how can you not love a rumba, and don’t we all admit to an addiction to our devices? But as sex robots move more broadly into the consumer market people are finding emotional fulfillment, and dare we say, love?

The relationship is obviously sexual – that’s the point of a sex robot, but sociologists and psychologists are finding that the depth of the relationship has a great propensity to move into deeper areas of the emotional spectrum. Is this science fiction or is the future of human relationships?

Yuval Gavriel, the founder of Kinky S Dolls and the man behind the idea of bringing a sex robot brothel to Houston, says he’s found that older men who have lost their soul mate are a perfect example. “I feel that there is a need in people for companionship. Unfortunately our world doesn’t accept old people.” Why not love?

Psychology professor Joshua Grubbs of Bowling Green State University is studying the intersectionality of human sexual behavior and technology and doesn’t think we’ve socially crossed the threshold of acceptability yet. “At this point I don’t think we have enough evidence to say that people are becoming inter-personally attached to their devices,” Grubbs tells KTRH News. But then again, it's not something many are expressing publicly much so there isn't a body of much evidence to consider.

Loneliness is said to increase mortality by 50%. The solution could be as simple as a droid.

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