Astro's Correa Explains Injury in Video

Boston Red Sox v Houston Astros

When the Astros play game two of a three-game series against the Oakland A's on Saturday night it will be without standout shortstop Carlos Correa, who felt compelled Friday to distribute a video explaining the odd circumstances that led to his cracked rib. He again reiterated that the injury occurred while he received a massage.

Correa, shown on the video with his fiancee, Daniella Rodriguez, atone point lifted up his shirt in an attempt to show that the injury had not been the result of a fall or perhaps even a punch.

"We're here to tell you the story because a lot of you guys have been concerned," Correa said on the video. "There's no bruises like I fell on something or I got hit."

The Astros placed Correa on the 10-day injured list Thursday.

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