Millennials could be bringing the divorce rate down

According to recent research, there's a trend among some Millennials waiting to get married until late 20s and 30s, and that's lowering divorce rates.

Experts estimate that the rate has fallen roughly 24 percent from its peak in 1981—and Millennials are a huge reason why.

The U.S. divorce rate has dropped 18 percent in the past decade.

Family law attorney Lene Alley DeRudder said Millennials have been a product of divorce

"You have a lot of fear driving entering into divorce, and so they're doing it much more mindful, much more cautiously because they've watch their parents go through something that's truly, truly difficult," said Alley DeRudder.

She said Millennials are more cautiously and mindfully entering into marriage, out of fear that they don't get divorced like many of their parents ended up.

"We're seeing children who are the products of probably very highly contentious divorces now entering a stage of life where they're marrying and they're reluctant and they're a little fearful and so are being extremely cautious," said Alley DeRudder.

She said Millennials are test driving relationships to make sure it's worth committing to forever. They want to figure out if there's a good foundation and if they're self-sufficient and independent before getting married.

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