Democrats keep talking about impeachment

The Democrats won’t stop talking about the ‘I’ word and it comes to President Trump. Yes, impeachment is very much on their minds.

And, maybe Speaker Nancy Pelosi is moving closer towards going down that road, judging by what she said to Jimmy Kimmel on ABC.

“As we go down this path, the American people will know the truth, and the President will be held accountable,” Pelosi said.

But she also said the Senate wouldn't remove Trump. U-H political scientist Brandon Rottinghaus tells KTRH impeachment will only strengthen the Trump base.

“If the proceedings go forward it will help Trump among Republicans, who will view this as a witch hunt,” Rottinghaus said.

And that’s why he's not sure Democrats actually go there despite the rhetoric.

“It could hurt some Democrats. It’s probably not the right move in terms of the politics,” he explained.

Two Presidents have been impeached; Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson. Neither were removed from office.

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