Hurricane Season is here; forecasts call for near normal season

Hurricane Forecast

It’s that time of year. June First is tomorrow, which means the Atlantic hurricane season is upon us.

NOAA is predicting 9 to 15 named storms this season. Colorado State University is predicting 13 named storms. Jeff Lindner with the Harris County Flood Control District tells KTRH don't focus on the numbers because it only takes one storm to have a bad season.

“We are looking at a near average season, maybe slightly above average. What that means is just that people have to prepare like they normally would for hurricane season,” Lindner explained.

There is one factor that could help us out. Eric Berger with Space City Weather says El Nino could be our friend this summer.

“It looks like El Nino may be alive and kicking as we get into August, September and October. That might suppress activity some,” Berger said.

The NOAA forecast calls for 4-8 hurricanes with up to four major hurricanes. CSU's prediction calls five hurricanes, with two becoming major storms.

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