Emergency Management officials ready for hurricane season

Carolinas Prepare As Hurricane Florence Approaches

Emergency Management officials have been working around the clock to keep you safe as another hurricane season begins tomorrow.

Even though Lina Hidalgo has replaced Ed Emmett as County Judge, Francisco Sanchez with the Harris County OEM says the core message is the same; prepare.

“Get a kit. Make a plan. Stay informed,” Sanchez said.

In Galveston County, Judge Mark Henry says it goes beyond the basics.

“Make sure you have a plan for your pets and make sure you have enough prescription medication to last while you are gone,” Henry stated.

Brazoria County has launched its Ready Brazoria app; County Judge Matt Sebesta says social media can be a double edged sword in times of crisis.

“Sometimes the information that the public puts out on social media is horrific,” Sebesta said, adding that you should only trust the information you get from emergency management officials.

Sanchez says his team has to try and stop fake news from spreading.

“I think our team has been working very hard for the last couple of years now, and it showed during Harvey and the last couple of flood events,” Sanchez explained, adding that social media did help first responders save people during Harvey, too.

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