Mainstream media still doesn't give you the full economic story

The headlines screamed, “25% of Americans worry about money all the time.” But once again, the headline and the story don’t quite match up.

That's because what's being left out is that 75% of you don't worry about money all the time. Lone Star College economist Hank Lewis tells KTRH the media left some other things out.

“70% of all people surveyed expect to be financially better off inside of a year. People are paying their bills. They say they are saving money,” Lewis explained.

And that this is yet another attempt by the media to downplay a booming economy.

“I do not care for the media to not try to be objective. Report the facts and let the public make their decision as to what they think about it,” Lewis stated, adding that he knows many people don’t read beyond the headlines, which are skewed to make President Trump look bad.

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