Change passwords before threats happen

A recent data breach at a real estate company exposed more than 800 million sensitive records.

You should be changing your passwords--to everything--at least every three months, don't wait for a data breach, then it's too late.

Security experts recommend a strong mix of letters, upper and lowercase, numbers and symbols.

Neil Medwed with Preferred Technology Solutions said passwords with your pet, kids, loved ones, or special dates is just too easy for hackers to go to social media and find that out about you.

"Do your best to enable two-factor authentication. You go to login to a site, there will be a second authentication requirement to say 'yes, it is really you'," said Medwed.

Two-factor authentication might be a pain, but it's the best, quick defense against a hack.

Medwed said entertainment and social media security is one thing. Think about passwords for financial or sensitive information.

"The stronger you can be to defend yourself, the better chance you have to be secure. There's no such thing as being totally secure, but you can certainly be as secure as possible," said Medwed.

Don't use a pass "word", use pass "phrases" that it would make sense to you, not hackers. Don't use the same password on multiple sites. If one is breached, than all can be exposed.

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