Those Annoying Robocalls

The phone rings, you answer, it's a ‘robocall’ telling you they will lower your credit card interest rate. Alex Quillici, CEO of You-Mail, says, "“The challenge is there are robocallers who are not from your credit card company – they just want to steal your financial identity.” He says to hang up and call the number on the back of your credit card to see if the call was valid. Do the same if it's from the IRS. Quillici continues, "It’s pretty easy to find people who are gullible.There’s a call that says, ‘This is the IRS and we have a problem with your latest return'.” It’s pretty easy to fall for that scam --- especially if you're not an accountant and you think you MAY have made a mistake with your last return.”

Quillici reminds you, "Over 20 billion robocalls have already been made this year - and most are scams. A robocall blocking app will help. More than half of robocalls are scams --- but there are some legitimate calls. Like “This is CVS and your prescription is ready.'”

Quillici says

  1. Don't answer calls from unfamiliar numbers. If the call is valid, they will leave a voice mail.
  2. install a Robocall Blocking App on your phone.
  3. Never give out personal information - even if the call really seems to be from your credit card company or the IRS. Hang up and call them back with a legitimate number and to see if there's really a problem.

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