Models predict a Trump win in 2020

Democrats are already talking like they’ve taken the White House back. The problem they have is that the election is more than a year away, and the models, not the polls, are working against them.

There are three models out, all saying Trump is going to win next year. That includes the model from TrendMacrolytics and Don Luskin.

“In 2016 our prediction was Trump when everyone else was saying Hillary. Now we are predicting Trump again,” Luskin told KTRH News.

Luskin is using hard economic variables, not polling data.

“Those variables are saying that the economy is strong; that he’s going to get re-elected, and that it’s going to be a landslide,” Luskin stated.

Political consultant Joe Brettell told KTRH there's a danger in the Democrats taking 2020 for granted.

“Just because the President isn’t popular in the media, he retains a very high approval rating from his base,” Brettell said, adding that the base Trump has will come out to support him next year.

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