Just in time for summer travel…dont use that airport phone charger!

Electronic device charging stations at airports are more common than a luxury nowadays.

But, using them could be risky behavior.

According to Forbes, hackers can alter USB connections at public power stations to install malware on your phone or download your personal info.

and trust.

"Good God. That will breach virtually any security plan that any security officer has in place for a company of virtually any size. A big no-no," said

Var Staffing co-founder James Bier.

He said using a strange charger is a recipe for disaster, only use your own.

"Finding a toothbrush on the ground and then picking it up and using it. So, you have no idea where that's been,"

Cybercriminals can even leave behind a cord with an extra chip that releases a malware so hackers take over your phone.

Bier said beware if it's taking too long to charge, or if your device is getting hot, it could be infected.

Cropped hands of young businesswoman charging smart phone at table while waiting in airport departure area

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