The Texas Legislature Wraps Up Today

Though Memorial Day is a federal holiday and most Texans will be found near a grill, legislators in Texas are working on Monday, wrapping up the year’s legislative session on the final day.

Last week, both chambers approved a measure to increase spending for public education and educators, and cap increases on property taxes. Flood mitigation and preparation for storms, hurricanes and/or floods was also addressed from a few different angles, mostly with success. A move to offset the cut in state revenue by adding an increase to the state sales tax failed.

A school safety bill is also on its way to Gov. Greg Abbott's desk.

The Texas Legislature passed legislation on Sunday that will increase state funding to improve campus security, better identify students who could be dangerous, and require more suicide prevention and emergency response training for school employees.

The legislation was filed in response to the shooting at Santa Fe High School last year, and passed both the House and Senate with huge margins.

It calls for spending 110-million-dollars over the next two years.

One of the final tasks the legislature will tackle on the last day is voting on the nomination of Matthew Whitaker for Secretary of State.

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