The 2019 Texas Legislation Session

The final gavel has fallen. The 2019 Texas Legislative Session is complete. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says it was historically productive. There were even bills that passed with a UNANIMOUS VOTE. The troubled tenure of Texas Secretary of State David Whitley came to an end as he resigned before the session ended.

The bills listed below are going to the governor for his signature.

HB 1: Budget

SB 2: - Property tax reform

HB 3: School finance reform

SB 7: Creating a state flood infrastructure fund

SB 11: School safety

SB 12:Teacher pension fix

HB 16: "Born alive" act

SB 21: Raising the smoking age

SB 22: Defunding abortion providers

HB 1545:  Rules governing alcohol sales

HB 1631: Red-light cameras

SB 1978: Religious freedom

HB 2048: Repealing the Driver Responsibility Program

HB 3809: Extending statute of limitations for sex abuse lawsuits

Texas State Capitol

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