Texas Congressman leads renewed effort against sanctuary cities

There’s a renewed effort to defund sanctuary cities in the Congressional pipeline, and a Texan is leading it.

Texas Congressman Lance Gooden tells KTRH it's different than what President Trump tried to do in 2017, which was stopped by the courts.

“This bill targets law enforcement grants and funding of law enforcement departments that are not enforcing the law,” Gooden said.

David Ray with the Federation for American Immigration Reform says the proposal is a solid one.

“Instead of feeling sorry for their mostly American victims, sanctuary jurisdictions focus their compassion on dangerous criminal aliens,” Ray stated.

But Ray also says it faces an uphill battle, and Gooden says considering what Congress has done this year, Democrats might want to start legislating.

“We declared Bob Dole a Colonel. We’ve named a highway; we’ve named a post office, and I believe five of the 17 that have become law in the last five months had to deal with the government shutdown,” Gooden explained.

Gooden's proposal has the backing of FAIR, the Heritage Foundation and NumbersUSA.

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