Houston family dog comes to the rescue during home invasion

They say dogs are man's best friend, and this is especially true for one Houston family.

A Houston dog came to the rescue as an gunmen held a father down during a home invasion early this morning.

This happened just before 1 o'clock this morning at a house on Sagewick Drive in southeast Houston.

HPD says four armed intruders broke into the home through the back door which just happened to be open. A father was held down at gunpoint.

The intruders ransacked the home, and the family dog went into protective mode, attacking the bad guys. Police say that the gunmen shot the dog twice.

As that was happening, police say the father was able to grab his gun and chase the intruders away. The father, his wife, and two kids are said to be OK, just shaken up by what happened.

The family took the dog to their vet and the good news is that the dog is going to be alright, and is now back at home with the family

The intruders were able to get away with the father's wallet and cell phone. Unfortunately, police do not have much of a description of any of the suspect at this time.

Courtesy of KPRC Channel 2

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