Democrats are effectively seeking to redo the Mueller investigation

A Harvard-Harris poll finds that 65 percent of Americans say Congress should not begin impeachment proceedings against Trump.

Millions of Americans might not approve of the president, but millions also don't approve of the Democrats' endless investigations.

Travis County GOP's Andy Hogue said Democrats think impeachment is a natural progression from an investigation, to seeing the report to an obstruction of justice.

"And that's what they're going for to keep the fires burning until 2020. Keep in mind this is not a legitimate effort to reign in the powers of the president. This is a way to keep Democrat prospects hopeful through the 2020 reelection cycle," said Hogue.

He added when President Clinton was impeached, he wasn't removed from office.

In the Harvard-Harris poll, an overwhelming 80 percent of Americans say they want their Congressional representatives to be working rather than investigating the president.

Hogue said there's a lot of things Congress could be doing.

"We could reform immigration, we can adequately fund the military, we can find a way to rollback our presence in several countries on several different battlefields we're engaged in, we can reform healthcare," said Hogue.

Americans want Congress to stop investigating and start governing, if that doesn't happen, it could mean another term for President Trump.

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