Bachelor's degree = better chance of being employed at a better-paying job

A bachelor's degree means a better chance of being employed at a better-paying job, according to a study. College grads who majored in science, technology, engineering and math are making the most money.

Nine out of 10 highest salaries of college graduates were engineering.

College Prep Genius CEO Jean Burk said American schools need to get on the ball when teaching math and science, as well as critical thinking skills to prepare students for college class load.

"Just having a bachelors degree can raise your salary 182 percent more than someone who doesn't have one," said Burk.

She said the big problem is that only one third of students enrolled in college actually graduate.

College grads tend to make more than $23,000 more a year than high school grads and have lower unemployment rates, as well.

KD College Prep president David Dillard said students need to cultivate their natural abilities before getting to college.

"Successful college graduates will be those students that find something that they can be passionate about and commit to it and put in the time and effort to do well," said Dillard.

He said families should be supportive and flexible while students should follow their heart.

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