Will lack of wall cost Trump in 2020?

The mainstream media is pointing out that only 1.7 miles of new border wall has been built with money that Congress gave the Trump Administration last year. But as always, you’re not getting the whole story.

Republican strategist Camara Clifton tells KTRH the media is leaving an important fact out.

“There’s been significant improvement to fencing that was degraded, but that’s not counted in the new fencing,” Clifton said.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told Fox News more will be built by the end of this year.

“We’re still on track to get close to 500 miles built by the end of the year,” Sanders stated, adding that Democrats have been holding things up.

“We would be doing it a lot faster and getting a lot more done if Democrats hadn’t continued to stand in the way of securing our border.”

And Clifton says that obstruction by Democrats in Congress should help the President in his re-election campaign.

“The truth is I believe he’s heartbroken that they have done this,” Clifton said.

And then there's this. The TSA plans to use loose change left in trays at airports to partially fund the $232 million DHs has requested for border security.

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