Sugar Land teenager who could make bombs that could 'shred people' arrested

A Fort Bend ISD student who said he could make bombs that would 'shred people' has been arrested for possessing bomb-making materials.

Officials at Clements High School said that Maximillion Young, who is 17 years old, was placed under investigation by Fort Bend ISD police earlier this month after making several comments at school.

Principal David Yaffie said a tip led to the Young's arrest.

The ninth grader was arrested May 15th on a felony charge of possession of explosive components. His bond was set at $25,000.

Officials say that no direct threat was made toward anyone individually or the school at large.

Court documents say Young told other students that he knew how to make bombs. He allegedly also said that he also makes his own gunpowder and he wanted to sell bombs.

The documents also show that a student told investigators Young said by using glass, plastic or rocks in these explosives, the bombs he could make had the power to "shred people apart" at high speed, court documents state.

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