Road tripping becoming more favorable than flying

A study finds that if it's planes, trains or automobiles for mode of travels, Americans prefer driving over flying.

Road trip aficionado and author Rick Quinn said interstate travel doesn’t apply.

"Interstate highway travel is for trucks. It's not for people that are interested in seeing the country. You get off of the interstates onto the two lane highways--that's where the fun stuff is, that's where the quirky things are that make America the country that it is ," said Quinn.

He said driving to your destination allows people to be more spontaneous

"To me, a road trip is not so much about going from A to B, it's all about the journey. The space in between is so fascinating that there's no contest. Flying over it--you're missing half of the fun," said Quinn.

He added on a road trip you can take more stuff, make it an engaging and learning experience for children, not just a vacation.

Quinn said packing children onto a plane is hard on them, the parents and other passengers.

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