Millions of Texans about to hit the road

It’s Memorial Day weekend, and for a lot of you that means it’s time for a road trip.

You're bound to run into a lot of traffic on the freeways; 43 million Americans will hit the road for the holiday.

“In Texas, more than three million people will be driving to their destination,” said Daniel Armbruster with AAA Texas. That exceeds last year’s number by 100,000 people.”

Armbruster says that traffic will be an issue all weekend, and Sunday afternoon will be the worst time to be driving.

“That’s when some folks will be coming home early to prepare for the week ahead. And Monday could have your regular commuters mixed with holiday commuters.”

The good news is that you'll be paying less for gas. The average around Houston is $2.59 for a gallon of gas; sixteen cents cheaper than gas was last Memorial Day weekend.

And if you’re flying out of Houston this weekend, AAA says the top three destinations are Orlando, New York City, and Las Vegas.

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