Pink tax costing women more than men to keep up

It’s reported that 42 percent of 800 products surveyed cost more for women than men.

Success coach and author Kelly Accetta said pink tax a real thing--women pay more than men in almost all their necessities.

"We're literally trying to keep ourselves at our peak performance looking level to compete with men in the workplace. And, that can add up to literally over $1,400 a year in personal care products that we spend more than men," said Accetta.

She said factor in professional services for nails, hair and eyelashes and that's way more than $1,400 a year. This cost is for basic level skincare and makeup at the local drug store isn't even a drop in the bucket compared to high end products.

"It's just amazing, it goes far beyond personal care products of what we women truly spend to keep ourselves competitive out there," said Accetta.

She added there's already the gender paygap. Studies find women wearing heels come across more powerful than those who don't. Heels cost more.

Also, research finds women get more promotions or raises if they're not overweight, which it costs money for gym memberships and trainers.

  1. Shampoo and conditioner: 48% more expensive for women
  2. Personal urinals: 21% more expensive for women
  3. Shirts: 15% more expensive for women
  4. Supports and braces: 15% more expensive for women
  5. Dress shirts: 13% more expensive for women
  6. Helmets and pads: 13% more expensive for women
  7. Canes: 12% more expensive for women
  8. Lotion: 11% more expensive for women
  9. Razor cartridges: 11% more expensive for women
  10. Razors: 11% more expensive for women

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