New scam is scary, sophisticated and virtually untraceable

The FBI reports virtual kidnapping calls started in Mexico prisons targeting Spanish speakers in Los Angeles and Houston areas.

Virtual fake kidnapping is on the rise with technology advances and easy to scam someone and easy to not be caught.

People are spoofing a loved ones phone number saying they've kidnapped them and request ransom.

Houston attorney Pierre Grosdidier said scammers might target grandparents,

"It's obviously terrifying, especially so for the elderly who would not be technologically sophisticated and recognize that it's a spoof," said Grosdidier.

He said it can happen to anyone.

"People who are not mindful that this could be a scam, could easily fall for it, especially if they're elderly and not technically sophisticated," said Grosdidier.

While many victims don't report it, he says once you know your loved one is safe, you should report it immediately to law enforcement.

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