Mainstream media sells illegal immigration myths

The mainstream media is trying to sell you on myths when they talk about illegal immigration.

The top myth is that we are seeing all time low numbers of illegal immigration. Former immigration judge and prosecutor Mark Metcalf tells KTRH they're coming here in big numbers for what taxpayers offer.

“Welfare benefits, housing, medical, education for their kids they are the pull factors bringing Central Americans to the U.S. right now,” Metcalf explained.

The other big myths are that the migrants are asking for asylum, so it's all legal, and that less than 40% skip their court dates. Metcalf says the left has a willing partner in the media when it comes to this.

“They have a world view that says America is evil, and they way to combat that is to allow poor people here so that they can be supported by our generous welfare benefits,” Metcalf said.

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