Houston homeowner kills teen; police trying to piece details together

Police now say the details are changing after a homeowner shot and killed a teenager last night. Police said this happened around 11:30 last night in east Houston.

At first police said four men were trying to break into the vehicle when the homeowner heard noise outside and went to investigate. When he got outside, police said one of the burglars pointed a gun at him. He then pointed his gun at the burglar and fired. Officers said the other three men ran away. Moments later, the 19-year-old victim was dropped off at a hospital, where he died.

Now, after further investigation, police said the group of teens did not appear to be trying to break into the vehicle. Officers said they found paintball shells and splatter on the house. Police said they also also found shell casings, but do not know if they came from the homeowner or someone else.They are trying to determine if the teens were firing a paintball gun, a normal gun or both.

A 17-year-old lives inside the home and the group may have connections to the teen and may have targeted the house. In fact it appears as if one of the teens went to the house to fight the teen who lives there.

Police have detained the father and son, along with three others believed to be around 17 years old.


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