Don't be 'that guy' on the airport security line

The summer travel season is approaching. Earlier this morning officials with the TSA were at Bush Intercontinental Airport to show you the kind of prohibited items they find all too often during security searches.

“Small knives; especially pocket knives that people forget they have on them. And oversized liquids,” said Carrie Harmon with the TSA.

Harmon says once those items are discovered, it impacts everyone who is on line to get through security.

“It slows down the process. If we have to do a bag check, it slows you down, and it slows everyone in line behind you down,” Harmon explained.

As the TSA was trying to get you ready to get through security lines without an issue, Bill Begley with the Houston Airport System says Bush and Hobby are trying to make another part of your trip easier.

“You can guarantee your parking spot at either Bush or Hobby airport online,” Begley said. “There’s a reservation system there and you can pick from four available terminal garages at Bush and the two at Hobby.”

Begley says they’ve tried to make the reservation system as easy, and as thorough, as possible.

“You can set a check in or check out date. You can pay in advance by credit card. It will help make things a little easier for you,” Begley explained, adding that you can also make reservations online for both ecopark locations at Bush.

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