Is the bail system broken?

Derion Vence, the person of interest in the Maleah Davis disappearance, recently had his bail reduced severely. It has people talking about what’s going on with the bail system.

For instance, the aunt of Madisyn Carter, the two-year old who was beaten to death IN 2015 by her mother's boyfriend after getting out on reduced bail years before. Carter's aunt told KTRH Madisyn would be alive today if that hadn't happened.

“He would still be held accountable for the armed robbery charge he was wanted for,” she said.

Attorney and KPRC 950 host Charles Adams says the bail system today is broken.

“Now, with the Democratic sweep, you’ve had the pendulum swing too far the other way,” Adams stated.

So how do we fix it?

“Have a bond matrix that smaller crimes that have a personal recognizance bond, but still recognizes that when someone poses a danger to the community they still need a significant bond,” Adams explained.

We reached out to the Harris County District Attorney’s office, and they told us bail decisions are made by the judges in each case, not the DA. And in a series of Tweets yesterday afternoon HPD Chief Art Acevedo expressed his concerns about what some judges are doing. You can see what he had to say below.

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