Poll: Don't release illegals after they're detained

New polling shows the Democrats that are running for the 2020 Presidential nomination are missing the mark when it comes to their desire for open borders.

Two out of three told a new Harvard-Harris poll are against releasing border crossers into the interior of the United States. Bob Price with Breitbart told KTRH he's not surprised.

“Especially as we learn that these people are not showing up for their asylum hearings. They are being released and disappearing,” Price said.

At the same time that this poll comes out we find out Homeland Security released 9,000 illegals into the country in an eight-day span; that's over a thousand a day.

“The problem is worse than that. It’s a closed pipeline,” Price stated, adding that when one migrant gets detained, another has to go free in what has become a broken system.

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