Illegal immigrants shipped to other parts of nation, but nobody wants them

Illegal immigrants caught at Texas border are being taken to other parts of the state and nation, but nobody wants them in their back yard.

Immigration attorney George Rodriguez said Texas has been bearing the brunt because of the crisis at the border.

"The push back that we're seeing is mostly based on the fact that, you know, how do you absorb these people into your communities without any resources being provided by the federal government?" said Rodriquez.

He said the folks are clogging the Texas border and they're just trying to move them elsewhere in the US.

"Once these people are released into these cities how is immigration going to be able to keep track of them and how are these people going to be notified of their court hearings?" said Rodriquez.

He said there will be more long term issues coming up over the next few years.

It’s been the non-profits taking in illegal immigrants because sanctuary cities won't help without federal funding.

Central American migrants who cross the U.S.-Mexico border must be processed before they can be released. Many make a claim for asylum, seeking the right to stay in the country to avoid persecution back home.

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