Claim Your Unclaimed Money!

Looking through your couch cushions for loose change is ok --- but finding unclaimed money with your name on it is better! If you're thinking there's no way --- here's a partial list of some of the sources of unclaimed property courtesy of Kevin Lyons, the Agency Spokesperson for Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

Dividends Payroll Cashier's checks Royalty payments Court deposits Mutual funds Stocks Bonds Insurance checks Bank accounts

Lyons says the amount of money is amazing, "The state of Texas is holding onto 5 billion dollars worth of unclaimed property and there's 738 million dollars in Harris County alone!" Some of it really could be yours. Lyons says to beware of scam artists who want to "help" you find the money. They may ask for a fee or just be trying to steal your identification."

"The way for your to claim your money is to go to our website. You enter your information, and we will process their claim without charging you a penny." Check here for anything you might be owed.

She claimed her money

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