A Year of Mourning in Santa Fe

It was a day one year ago that changed the lives of most of the people in Santa Fe, Texas. Sadly, the Santa Fe High School Shooting, where 10 people lost their lives, happened on May 18, 2018.

In this year some have been trying to move forward and rebuild their lives. Others, especially those who lost a child, parent or spouse, find it difficult. Pamela Stanich lost her son last year and told our TV Partner KPRC-TV Houston Channel 2, “Every day is the same day, you live it over and over again. Saturday [a day of remembrance events] is just another day, it's no different than another day, no different than tomorrow will be." But Stanich said the events actually did help her cope. There was a candle light vigil, a kick-ball game and other events over the weekend.

Santa Fe Independent School District says they have already made $3 million worth of security upgrades and additions in the last year - and play to do more. Santa Fe Mayor Jason Tabor dedicated May 18 as the day of resilience in the city.

Santa Fe High School Remembrance Event

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