U.S. is Flying Migrants out of Texas

Hundreds of migrants from south Texas are being flown out across the United States by border officials.

The number of migrants seeking asylum has surged along the Rio Grande River, and now ICE and Border Patrol are planning to fly those migrants to other U.S. cities.

Some have already been sent to other parts of the country, like San Diego and Florida.

A border official told USA Today that states from Oregon to North Dakota to Maine could be receiving migrants in the weeks to come, despite a current lack of federal funding to help these local communities.

Department of Homeland Security officials said Friday they are considering expanding the program and may fly asylum seekers to other cities in the U.S. for processing.

Migrants are also being bused to Laredo.

In April, 109,144 migrants were detained at the southwest border by Customs and Border Protection officials, the highest number since 2007.

Migrants marching

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