Woodlands Mall adding more patrols following violent purse snatching

There will be more patrols in the parking lots at The Woodlands Mall parking areas after a violent robbery last weekend, when a woman had her purse taken by force.

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office officials say that purse-snatching is not an unusual crime now, but it's not something they've seen lately in the area of the Woodlands.

The surveillance video shows the mall parking lot, but the last weekend's crime was apparently out its range. The robber and a driver got away driving an older model green Ford dually pickup truck with chrome bars and a toolbox in the truck bed. The suspect was wearing a dark hoodie.

Officials with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office say if you are confronted by a robber the way the woman was last weekend, your best move is to let go of what the robber wants in order to avoid anything else happening to you.

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