S-A-T's to give kids ‘adversity scores’

The S-A-T test is going to start handing out participation trophies, so to speak.

The College Board will introduce an adversity score, which will help students who live in poor neighborhoods. College Board President David Coleman told CBS the test, right now, only tells part of the story.

“It doesn’t measure what you’ve overcome; the situation you have achieved that in. What we can do with this context data is see how resourceful you are,” Coleman said.

Education expert Jean Burk told KTRH said this is extreme.

“It’s like grading on a curve, it’s like a participation trophy, giving out favors to everybody,” Burk stated.

And she says this could lead to scandals down the road.

“Anybody can put down they don’t have any parents and are on food stamps. There’s no way to verify this. This is crazy,” Burk explained, adding that this could be worse than the college admission scandal we've talked about these last few months.

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