Republican voters: Build the wall

Republican voters say they want President Trump to continue his fight for border security.

The top two issues according to new polling are building the wall and reducing both legal and illegal immigration. Political analyst George Seay with Annandale Capital tells KTRH he gets it.

“There are areas where it’s needed or conducive, but in the areas where we do need it, I want a big, high, tall wall, too. I agree,” Seay said

Seay he says he thinks the President was hoping to get things done sooner.

“I think he took it for granted when he had Republican House and Senate,” Seay explained. “I don’t think this got the priority it should have gotten up front. I think he should have tried to knock it out immediately.”

The numbers show that about 25% of Republican voters say building the wall is their top priority. Reducing the flow of all immigration is at number two, with 20%.


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