Does Facebook target fundraising by conservatives?

You know social media targets conservatives. It seems they are now going after their fundraising efforts, too.

Activist Joe Diamond started a Facebook fundraiser against Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. It was going well, until Diamond tells KTRH he got a disturbing message.

“We were on the verge of raising $3,000. A week ago one of my donors sent me a message asking me what happened to the fundraising page,” Diamond explained.

It was taken down without notice. Diamond says he never got a clear explanation. He says other fundraisers have had the same problem.

“I have heard that, and I have also heard that conservative groups have been shut down without notice,” Diamond stated.

Facebook's rules do sat they won't approve fundraisers that benefit a political campaign. But it was initially approved, and Diamond says his fundraiser was not connected to electoral politics at all.


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