Houston Texans' Great JJ Watt Delivers Commencement Speech

The University of Wisconsin welcomed a favorite son to deliver its commencement address...

"Please help me in welcoming the man who has been called a Beast on the Field, and a Saint off, JJ Watt."

The Houston Texans great played college football in Madison from 2008 to 2010. It's also where he started his foundation...

"... 'Dream Big, Work Hard' was my motto. Because I truly believe that you should have as big of dreams as you want in this world; never let anybody tell you you can't accomplish those dreams."

He told more than seven-thousand graduates, "You just earned a degree from one of the best universities in the country and you have an entire world and so many opportunities sitting in front of you. You may not know what your dream is, you may not know what exactly it is you want to accomplish and that's OK. When you figure your dream out, remember it will not be a straight path. Stay committed. Never lose sight of what it is you want to accomplish."

There were lighter moments as well; Watt told the graduates he loves Texas... but....

"I have to admit, that it's great to be back in a place where I can order fried cheese curds and chocolate custard and no get looked at like I have three heads."

He later posted on Twitter, "What an incredible honor it was to deliver the commencement speech to the University of Wisconsin Class of 2019. Thank you for having me and I wish you the absolute best as you begin the next phase of your journey! #OnWisconsin"

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