"GPS spoofing"new trick children are playing on their parents

Parents can use GPS apps to track their children, but children are using sneaky phone apps to fool parents.

It’s called GPS Spoofing.

Parenting expert child psychologist and author Dr. Kristen Wynns said it's important children know where the line is and not to cross it.

"It's an impossible game to stay one step ahead of kids if they really want to trick parents about where they are with technology, it's unlikely parents are going to be able to keep up," said Wynns.

She said responsible parents should have a sense who their children are hanging out with and where they are.

But, all bets are off if there's evidence the children are making bad decisions.

"Whether it's using technology, or checking in with other adults, or doing surprise checks to see if kids are where they are," said Wynns.

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