Are we angrier today?

Everywhere you go today you see anger. Everyone’s ticked off, to the point of rage.

Some are calling it the age of rage. Maybe the numbers back it up. A poll from Gallup found that 22% of us felt anger, which was a record since they first started asking the question in 2006. Therapist Mary Jo Rapini tells KTRH she doesn't think that's what is happening.

“I think people are much more comfortable expressing their anger now. It used to be verboten,” Rapini stated.

But if you really want to see this rage at work, all you have to do is log on to your social media accounts.

“It’s become the easy way to do this. Anything that’s passive-aggressive is an easy platform to express anger,” Rapini explained, adding that it's the people who you never see get angry that could very well be the ones angriest when no one is watching.

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