Parents Are Actually Naming Their Kids After Game of Thrones

According to 2018 Social Security date, so many Americans are in love with HBO’s serial phenom Game of Thrones they’re naming their babies after their favorite character.

Cersei didn’t make the list, nor did her twin brother Jamie. Unsurprisingly, no one burdened a child with their oldest son’s name: Joffrey. Daughter Myrcella was at the bottom of the list. The Imp is the most popular of the Lannisters, but the clan from the North is besting them overall.

In reverse order:

6 Myrcella

7 Samwell

7 Bronn

8 Beric

8 Bran

8 Daenarys

9 Khal

10 Sandor

11 Gregor

14 Theon

15 Oberyn

17 Ellaria

21 Catelyn

29 Sansa

30 Jorah

33 Brienne

58 Tyrion

2545 Arya

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