Mother Says New Clues in Maleah Davis Disappearance

Suspicion now centers on the step-father of the missing four year old, though police have not identified Darion Vence as a person of interest.

The child’s mother told reporters on Friday that she suspects her common law husband reacted to a fight the couple had before she left town to attend her father’s funeral in Boston. Brittany Bowers says she has seen surveillance video showing Vence leaving his apartment carrying a large laundry basket with bleach and a large black trash bag inside. She admits to withholding information from the police.

Maleah Davis was reported missing by her stepfather last Saturday. He told police he was on his way to Bush Intercontinental Airport to pick up Bowers when he pulled over his silver Nissan Altima to check a flat tire. He claims three men jumped him and left him unconscious beside his one year old son, saying the girl was missing.

The car was found in Missouri City Thursday.

Police are looking for Darion Vence but have made no public comments on his alleged complicity.

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