Rain falls inside Minute Maid Park

Fans at Minute Maid Park watching the Astros beat the Rangers 4-2 last night saw something they were not expecting; rain inside the roof covered stadium.

Fans first noticed it in the seventh inning, and then again in the ninth inning as the Astros held on for the win thanks to Josh Reddick's game saving catch, robbing former Astro Hunter Pence of a home run.

This is not the first time rain has been seen inside the park this season. It happened on April 7th as well, during a short thunderstorm. That one was not nearly as noticeable as what happened last night.

You might be wondering why this happens, considering the stadium has a roof. Astros officials say it's because Minute Maid Park is not a sealed building, and when you have rain combined with high winds, the water can come into the stadium.

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