Land of the free? Not on college campuses

It seems the intolerant left is at its worst on college campuses. If you don't agree with their viewpoint they'll try to shut you down -- sometimes using violence.

Brittni Coffeen with the conservative activist group Turning Point USA says her group set up a display on the UNLV campus opposing socialism and supporting a wall.

"I mean, it's kind of ironic; they formed a wall in front of our wall."

Coffeen told Breitbart the mob rushed her table, knocked over the wall display and pushed some her workers to the ground.

"We need to keep fighting, it's important; they're really trying to shut down our freedom just because, I don't know, they don't like that people have other ideas than them."

Coffeen says it might have been worse if it hadn't started raining and the mob dispersed.

"We just had this table with some Socialism items and how we prefer Capitalism -- it saves lives -- and then we had a wall that was probably eight feet tall."

Coffeen says this just tells her what she's doing is right and she'll keep doing it.

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