Children are becoming the biggest offenders and bringing adults with them

The U.S. Border Patrol has more migrants in custody than agents on the southern border.

Border patrol agents are arresting hundreds and hundreds of people a day as they cross the border.

Curtis Collier with US Border Watch said adults are caught and then released, but the children are a different story.

"And with the problem with the recycling the children--and what I mean by that children enter with one group of parents and then those children go back to Mexico and enter with another group of parents," said Collier.

"Last month alone, we did DNA tests on nearly 20,000 people at the border. It's astronomically expensive to the taxpayers.”

He added that border patrol agents are frustrated and feel like a taxicab service bringing people in, quickly processing illegals and then letting them go because there is no room to detain them. Earlier this month, they were arresting 1,000 people a day. In April, there were nearly 70,000 arrested.

He said the agents feel the problem can be solved by legislation in Washington.

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