You might be better off with a government job

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. A staggering two million Americans work for the federal government and they probably make more money than you do.

Dan Wendol of Dolphin Financial says it's better to work for Uncle Sam.

"Federal employees have 17% higher packages and that's a wage and benefits combo."

Wendol says it's not necessarily the salary.

"The wages are very similar but it's the benefits that are higher at the government employee level."

But Wendol says the private sector prefers advanced degrees.

"Bachelor's or less, people with a bachelor's degree or less, got a higher federal employee compensation compared to their counterparts in the private sector but professional degrees -- advanced degrees -- you get underpaid at the federal government."

Median earnings for federal employees are more than 53-grand a year. Median earnings for the private sector are about 47k -- 14% less.

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