The Aging Workforce and Their Youthful Bosses

40% of the American workforce report to a younger boss.

It’s a reflection of the changing demographics as the nation’s Boomers grow older and Millennials move into positions of management.

Those accustomed to giving the orders find themselves on the receiving end, and business consultant Garrison Wynn says people over 50 are having to adjust their approach. “It’s very difficult to value experience if you don’t have any. That means that your experience sometimes isn’t as valuable to your younger boss as just your insight in general.”

The fastest growing demographic in offices today is employees over the age of 65. Nope, they’re not ready to retire yet, but they are handing over the reins of power.

Wynn, though, says he’s finding that a lot of younger people aren’t anxious to take over. “One of the ways I can tell you this not just from research but I speak at 85 conventions a year, and the workforce for Millennials for these companies is about 10%. It’s not growing.”

The average age of employees at tech giants like Google and Apple are under 30, and it is that technological savvy that makes them so necessary to business.

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