Survey find job as mom is the equivalent of two and a half full-time jobs

New research finds mothers spend 97 hours a week parenting in addition to their full or part-time jobs.

If moms could get paid for putting in almost 100 hours a week—off the clock—it would be a six figure salary.

Womanhood expert and author Dixie Andelin Forsyth said yet, they don't get paid and still do all the work.

"Because of the feminist movement so out of control, women feel obligated to," said Forsyth.

She added that's led to some men shaming women for being stay-at home moms.

"Children are a full-time career. They really are," said Forsyth. "Woman is an amateur nurse, an amateur counselor, they're a chauffeur, a cook, we repair clothes, we do minor home repairs."

She said women appreciate when the men step up to help out, so they don't have to come home from a job outside the home and then do everything for their children.

The survey found mothers don't go unscathed. Sometimes their relationships, as well as their health suffer in order to take care of everything else.

Mother playing with her children at home

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