Is Game of Thrones Driving Us To Drink?

People are drinking a lot more.

Drinking games centered around HBO’s wildly popular Game of Thrones series have become all the rage.

Those two facts are probably not related, but since everybody’s talking about GoT as its final episodes play out we’ll play along.

The fact is global consumption of alcohol, according to a new study, is up 70% in the last 27 years, increased consumption in China, India and Vietnam credited with adding to total.

The average adult now consumers about 1.7 gallons of pure alcohol per year.

You could probably double the amount for Tyrion Lannister. While researching details of increased global drinking, KTRH News came across a panoply of You Tube videos about Game of Thrones drinking games, and since we have a disproportionate number of fans of the TV series on staff, we watched, sans adult beverages.

It would be impossible to list the varieties of triggers for shots…just think anything involving sex, dragons or beheadings, but in imitation of the fictional Westeros, Americans are apparently doing Tyrion proud and keeping up with his standards.

“I am a person who drinks,” Tyrion tells Varys. “People who drink need to keep drinking.”

Which is a very long way to go to tell you that Emilia Clark, the actress who plays Daenrys Targaryen, will appear at Comicpalloza, going on this weekend at the George R. Brown.The Mother of Dragons will be there Saturday.


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